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ABC's of Skin Cancer

By admin
January 15, 2012

While skin cancer can come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few guidelines that may indicate a potential skin cancer.

A is for asymmetry. This means that the left hand side looks different from the right.

B is for border irregularity. A skin cancer often has a border that has notches or irregularity

C is for color. Any variation in color is suspect - skin cancer can be blue, red, grey, black, and even flesh-toned.

D is for diameter. Anything bigger than 6 millimeters merits evaluation.

E is for evolving. A skin cancer may change its appearance over time.

These guidelines allow an individual to assess risk for skin cancer. Unfortunately, some skin cancers do not follow these rules. If you have a spot that meets any of the ABCs or have a question, consult a dermatologist promptly.

Stephen Steiner, PA-C



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