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Patients are encouraged to submit their patient information and health history forms in advance of their office visit. This secure process is private and will save you time during your visit. Please be sure to also bring a valid photo ID and your current insurance card as they are required on the day of your visit. When possible, please submit these forms 48 hours prior to your appointment.

We have implemented a new electronic medical record (EMR) provided to us by Modernizing Medicine called EMA. We are really excited about this new technology to not only improve your office experiences but provide you with online access to timely information from your medical chart as well.

It is safe, easy to use and intended for your use only. Some of the other benefits, to name a few include:

  • Access to recent visit notes, lab work and biopsy results
  • Ability to indicate for us your preferred (or secondary) pharmacies
  • Update your past medical history and medications

Click here to send us an email requesting information on how to receive your username and password. Please be sure to include your provider’s name, appointment date and time as well.

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